Ice Cream

Grape Ice-cream

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Name: Grape

Original from:

January to March

Main features:
The Grape has a round form, and can be Black, Pink or Green color, depends of the specie. There is many kinds of Grape, but the most known in brazil is ITALIAN, NIAGARA, WHITE, and PINK. Has about 70 calories in every 100 grams.

Utilization (benefits for human):
The Grape fruit produces, juice, candy, wine, and jelly, because of the important content which is pectin.  The Grape is very tasty. The Black grapes is used to produce wine and juice, has a high amount of bioflavonoid, which is an important substance in research nowadays, because of the cholesterol, antioxidant and anti cancer control. The grape has also properties laxivete and stimulates de liver function , and makes the Hart bet fast.

depends de soil, it can be, acid, sweet or citric.