Ice Cream
Tamarind Sorbet

Tamarind Sorbet

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Name: Tamarindo  

Original from:
African savanna

August to October

Main features:
 Tamarindo is a vargem, and also a vegetable, has a hard Shell and Brown color. The tamarino pulp is red, fibrous and has a high contento of tartaric acid, and riches in mineral (calcium, phosphorus, iron, and chlorine).

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The pulp is used to prepare, candy, cakes, ice cream, syrup, drinks, liquor, juice and also as a seasoning for rise, meat, fish etc. The fruit is a laxative because of the high amount of fibs. (6, 4 grams in 100 grams), which stimulates the right organism function. The seeds in natural is used as a juice stabilizes, paper or tesue. The extracted oil can be used in foods.

has a bitter-sweet flavor