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Açaí Sorbet

Açaí Sorbet

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Name: Açai 

Originaly from:
Amazonian Region

Seasonality: February to July

Main features:
The Acai is a native species around Amazônia and of purple color. They are find as curls on the Acai tree. To be consumed, the fruit has to first be extracted through a machine, or crushed manually (after soaking in water) till the pulp gets out. Mixed with water, it becomes a very good juice.

Utilization (benefits for human): The original way to drink Acai, as the Amazonians does, is making a cold juice with cassava flour or Tapioca. Some of the Amazonian prefer to make a PIRAO (typical Brazilian food) with cassava flour and eat it with cooked fish or shrimp and as a juice. In some Brazilians regions it is prepared differently, with the frozen pulp mixed with Guarana syrup, looking like ice cream. Mixing occasionally with fruits and cereals, it is known as “Acai na tigela”, our Partners and costumers love it. It has fiber, minerals, lipids and vitamins which make it high in energy. It also shows a high content of anthocyanin pigmentes, which act to control cholesterol.

Flavor:  it has its own flavor.