Ice Cream
Light Pequi

Pequi Light Ice-cream

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Name: Pequi

Original from:
 Brazilian cerrado

 September to march

Main features:
 The Pequi is a tree native from the Brazilian Cerrado, also used in a north, and Minas Gerais north, but it is typically from Goias. The Pequi is extracted an oil, and has a soft pulp, but also has a thin thorns layer, once bitten can be really painful. But after practicing gets really easy to eat it.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 There is many ways to prepare it; cooked, with rise, with chicken, with macaroni, with fish, with meat, with milk, candy, liquor, ice cream. The Pequi has compositions riches in nutrients for a human organism. The pulp and the almond have fat acids important for a healthy diet. But in both cases, the lipids are the most found on it, and fat oil acids, and palmitic, important on a human organism. On the pulp can be found, a high content in fibs, felonies, carotenoids, which helps to prevent the oxidant process, given the Pequi the antioxidant action. It also has a value ecologic, cultural, gastronomic, medical and financial.

 has a strong flavor and unmistakable aroma.