Ice Cream

Corn Ice-cream

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Name: Corn

Original from:

December to April

Main features: 
The Corn is known cereal, cultivated in the most part of the world, and is an important energetic source for human. The corn preserves the shell, which is riches of fibs, important for elimination of toxins out of the human organism. Besides of the fibs, Corn also has carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B and A. It has a good amount of calories. The corn has a good amount of mineral, and contradictory is riches in physic acids.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
It can be prepare in an ears corn, grilled, or cooked in grains. A very tasty way to eat is with butter on it. There is so many ways to do the corn, in especial “PAMONHA” or corn cake. It can be really good for who have a delicate digestion, but it is a stomach gas food producer.  The corn protein together with beans, make almost a perfect food. The corn oil, has a polyunsaturated fat, being the principal omega-6 on it, and helps to prevent the cardio problems. And has a high content in vitamin E, that prevents the free radicals action.

has a sweet flavor