Ice Cream

Mango Ice-cream

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Name: Mango

Original from:
South and Southeast Asia

September to January

Main features: 
The mango has more than one color, goes from the yellow and orange, until red. When is pink because of the sun. Normally when the mango is green, because it is not ripe yet, but depends of the quality. The pulp is very tasty, some cases fibs, ending in a big seed. A fresh mango has 15% of sugar, 1% of protein, mineral and antioxidant, and it may have vitamin A, B and C.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
Riches in phenolic, carotenoids, substances antioxdant and soluble fibs; the mango shows a capacity to accumulate protector effects against some kind of cancer and cardio problems.  The Phenolic shows (not proved yet) propriety ant-inflamatory, and helps to control the cholesterol and also of the diabetes. The beta-carotene in the organism becomes Vitamin C, this vitamin helps to protect against infection and sight problems.  The Vitamin C and E, also has the antioxidant action, and helps with the operation of the system against infection. The vitamin E protects also the cell membranes, especially with the blood cells white and red of the immune system.

The mango has a sweet flavor.