Ice Cream

Papaya Ice-cream

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Name: Papaya 

Original from:
 America tropical

September to April

Main features:
The papaya is a fruit of the Papaya tree. The papaya has an oval form, and the shell  is soft and of yellow or green color. The pulp has an orange color, is soft and sweet. Inside of the fruit has a central place where the seed stays. Riches in lycopene, vitamin C and mineral important for the organism.

Utilization (benefits for human):
The Papaya fruit is consumed in natural, in salads, or in juices. Has a high content of “PAPAIN, protector enzyme, used in drugs, treating gastrointestinal problem, and the resorption of bruising. The papaya is recommended by the doctors, because Papaya is riches in lycopene (3,39 milligrams to 100 grams),vitamin C and important mineral for the organism. Papaya is used in most the diets, because of the fibs, that helps to regulate the intestinal. Is the first fruit given to babes after weaned.

The Papaya has a sweet flavor.