Ice Cream

Cupuaçu Ice-cream

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Name: Cupuaçu

Original From:
Amazonia Brazil

January to May

Main features:
 The Cupuacu has a hard and smooth shell, of brown-dark color. Has intern seeds; around of the seeds has pulp of acid flavor. The fruit is riches in proteins, calcium, phosphorus,and has vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, and also has a high concentration of pectin, substance used to consist and make jelly , juices and pulp.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 The Cupuacu is used to prepare juices, ice cream, vitamin, and  liquors. And more than that, the fruit also can be find in sweet base , creams, jam and jelly. From the seeds can be extracted the “copulante” and the Cupoacu butter. The “Copulante” is known as the real “white chocolate”, because of the similarity with Chocolate, but has a less concentration of caffeine. The butter is extracted in a really easy way, and can make the “copulante” in tablets or even in cosmetics industries. A recent research showed that using the Cupuacu seeds oil  in protector lotion, helps to prevent SKIN CANCER ,research has begun with more details about the Cupuacu ,because has add potentials for a human healthy. And others research says that the Cupuacu pulp and seeds helps with gastrointestinal problems.

Cupuacu has a soft sweet flavor.