Ice Cream

Caja-manga Ice Cream

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Name: Caja-manga 

Original from:
Society Island (Pacific Ocean)

January to May

Main features:
 The Caja-manja tree, goes 20 miters high, has a smooth shell and thin, of color orange. The pulp is very tasty, and has vitamin A and C, fibs, and minerals: calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The Caja-manga tree, gets used to a humid and hot temperature, and the harvest is manually.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The fruit is consume in natural, and can be used to prepare, jams, cocktails, ice cream, and jelly. The Caja-manga frozen pulp can be used to prepare juice as well. Research says that the roots and the shell can be used as a soothing, and helps to treat the diarrhea.

The Caja-manga has an acid-sweet flavor.