Ice Cream

Buriti Ice-cream

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Name: Buriti

Original from:
South and Central America

December to June 

Main features:
the elegant look, and It can goes 32 meters high, has long leafs, yellow flowers, and the fruit is reddish-brown. Have scales around it. The pulp is yellow, cover the seed, and in this case the seed is edible, and also full of vitamin A.

Utilization (benefits for human):
Fruit of a high value nutritious, and the most vitamin A fruit .The Buriti has beta carotene in oil , extracted  in a way that has more than DENDE oil.  This oil extracted is use for traditional medicine people of the cerrado  as a vermifuge, healing, and natural energetic. It’s a good sweet, juice, popsicle, and feed animals.

The Buriti has a Sweet flavor.