Ice Cream

Banana Ice-cream

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Name:  Banana 

Originally from:
 Southeast Asia 

August to November

Main features:
Banana is a tropical fruit. It has a sweet and tasty pulp. It is finding in curls on Banana’s plants. There are many types of Bananas. In Brazil the most common is “Apple banana”, “bay/nino”, and “plantain”. When unripe it has a green skin and when its ripe it has a yellow color ( most of them) and red ( some of them). Each banana plant produces between 5 and 10 bunches.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
Banana has the most amount of potassium of any fruit. Along with calcium it is the fruit most athletes eat, and anyone that does exercise, because it helps to prevent cramps. The carbohydrates on it (especially apple and plantain banana) are easily digestible and of a fast absorb. Banana sometimes is called “The Banana Queen” because it is eaten by any social class, and does not matter if you are young or old. It is the fruit most eaten by babies. It also is the most hygienic fruit, because the consumer doesn’t touch the actual fruit.  Becoming a good for FASTFOOD.

Has a sweet flavor