Ice Cream

Plum Ice-cream

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Name: Plum

Original from:

whole year

Main Features:
the plum is a eatable fruit from the plum tree. There is many kinds of the plum, could it be; round, oval or in a heart form. The shell can be red, black, blue or yellow. Has a high concentration of vitamin C and a good amount of vitamin A,B2 and potassium. Has more fiber than any other fruit.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The plum consumed in a natural, dried, way is a tasty and healthy food. It is also very appreciated in  jams, jellies, soups, purees, or blended with dried figs, raisins or nuts, grated. Because of its laxative properties helping the lazy intestine. Even the babies can be beneficiated of the “Plum water” in case of lazy intestine.

has a sweet flavor