Ice Cream

Pineapple Ice-cream

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Name: Pineapple 

Originally from: Tropical America

Seasonality: November to March

Main features: The Pineapple is a fruit from the pineapple tree. It can be cultivated anywhere hot in the world. It is a great welcome either natural or industrialized, because of the beauty, is known as the King fruits.

Utilization (benefits for human): The Pineapple pulp and shell can be utilized to produce juices. It is a great fruit to eat at summer time, because it is 86% of water and hydrating your body. It has bromelain that helps to decompose protein, and destroy some kinds of worms. It also has Rison which is called vermifuge, helps in digestion and helps to soften the meat. This enzyme is destroyed when cooked, so to get the benefits it is necessary to eat it raw. It can be consumed as a fruit, wine, candied or jelly.

Flavor:  Pineapple is acidic and most of the time sweet.