Umbu Popsicle

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Name:  Umbu

Original from:
Northeast of Brazil

December to April

Main features: 
The Umbu also known as an “imbu” , is a fruit of Brazil, and typical of the Caatinga (Brazilian biome). The leafs has a form like a umbrella, also especial roots system, and it can hold almost 3 thousand liter of water in a rain season, being resistant In a dry season. The Umbu tree has a round form, has a Green Shell or yellow color, it is soft, and has a tasty pulp and aromatic as well. It can be eat as a raw or candy.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The Umbu can produces juice, vinegar, jelly, Jam. The fresh pulp makes the traditional “Umbuzada”.  The Umbu has half vitamin C than orange juice. In a popular medicine, the water and roots and leafs, combat the vermifuge.

has a bitter-sweet.