Tapioca Popsicle

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Name: Tapioca 

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Main features: 
Tapioca is a typical Brazilian food; it is an indigenous food, made of the “cassava “water, also known as a TAPIOCA, POLVILHO, and SWEET POLVILHO.  After spreads the Tapioca in a hot pan, it becomes a pancake. The filling can be any sweet or salt flavor, but the traditional is, coconut or cheese.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 There are many kinds of products made from CASSAVA, also named TIPIOCA. There is many kinds of filling, but depends which region you are. The filling can be: butter, coconut, condensed Milk, cheese, banana, chocolate, and strawberry with chocolate and guava with cheese. It also can be put in a coconut Milk.

 It depends the filling.