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Name: Passion Fruit

Original from:

 August to January

Main features: 
The Passion fruit has an oval form, and the shell when is ripe gets yellow. The pulp is also yellow and has many seeds. The fruit has Vitamin A, C and B, and also mineral (iron, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus). There is many kinds of Passion fruit, but the most known is Passion “mirim” , melon passion ,passion “guacu” , and passion “iguapó” . The fruit of wavy shell has the sweetest pulp, instead the smooth shell has the bittest pulp. Fruit of tropical place.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The fruit is consumed as a juice, and sometimes found mixed with other fruits. (Orange) research shows the passion fruit is natural relaxed, to the human organism. The pulp has a good amount of vitamin A, which is good for protection of the skin, and helps the sight. The shell has pectin, is a soluble fibs, which helps to control the levels of the cholesterol and glucose.

 The passion fruit has an acid and soft bitter flavor.