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Name: Guava

Original from: 
America tropical (especially Brazil and ant island  )

January to may

Main features:
 The Guava is a fruit of the Guava tree. Is a simple fruit, meaty and no lump. Has a shell with irregular surface, and has about eight centimeters of diameter and inside has pulp with many small hard seeds, and can be ingested for who does not has intestinal problems, as a diverticulitis. There is two types of Guava: The white one, that has a green shell, and inside is yellow, and the Red one, of a yellow shell and inside pink. The fruit shows good mineral like: calcium, phosphorus, iron, besides of a high content of vitamin C, A and B.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The Guava has a high content of vitamin C, and because of that It has important job to combat, infections, bleeding. Helps to the teeth and bone gets stronger and also helps on scarring and burnt. The vitamin A, presents on fruit, helps with the sight, conserves the skin health and also helps with the human growth, while the vitamin B helps the nervous system, domestic, and cardio muscle. The minerals present on Guava helps to the bones growth, teeth, blood, the better way to eat it is in form of ice cream and juice, vitamin and sweet.

 The ripe Guavas has a strong aroma and are sweet.