Murici Popsicle

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Name: Murici 

Original from:
  North Brazil

 September to April

Main features:
 The Murici has other names: “Murici-da-praia”, or “Murici-do-brejo”. the Murici tree has 6 to 16 meters, simple leafs and smooth, and goes 13 centimes long of fruit. The Murici flowers is in a yellow cults, and the fruits are small and also in a curls. When is ripe gets soft. There are many kinds of Murici, even in a shrub, but all of them have a small and edible fruit. The Murici is finding in mountain and coast. Has a yellow color when is ripe, despite of a small form, it has a taste and smell on its own, cannot be compare with any fruit, and has a high content of vitamin C.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 The Murici can be used to produces, juice, candy, liquor, jelly and ice cream. The most medical properties are to protect the intestinal mucosa and control the intestinal disorders.

has a strong, bitter-sweet and oil flavor.