Mangaba Popsicle

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Name: Mangaba 

Original from:

 December to March

Main features:
 The Mangaba is a plant of tropical region, is a Brazilian fruit, found in many region of Brazil. Have fibs, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and Vitamin A, B and C.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 The Mangaba tree produce fruits of a strong smell, delicate, tasty , and nutritive, with content of mineral and vitamin more than some species of fruits, specially Vitamin C (33 mligrams to 100 grams) and iron (2,8 milligrams to 100 grams). The Mangaba helps to combat the ulcers, herpes, and tuberculosis. It is a tasty juice. After process it, Mangaba can be make, ice cream ,jam , jelly,  syrup ,wine , vinegar candy and liquor.

 The Mangaba has a sweet and same time acid.