Jackfruit Popsicle

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Name: Jackfruit

Original from: 

January to June 

Main features: 
The Jackfruit grows from the thickest trunk and branches of the tree. And it goes 10 kilograms and 40 centimeters of measure. The pulp is the lumps, of yellow color, the lumps are very sticky, and a strong smell that can be recognized far way. The lumps can be soft or hard, and because of that the Jackfruit has two types; “had Jackfruit” and “soft jackfruit”.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
In some regions, the fruit is the basic food. Normally edible in a natural form, because of the strong smell and also indigestible, but in a sweet and jelly way, can be really tasty. It can also be consumed after cooked. For example in India the pulp is fermented and became an alcohol drink. The seed can also be consumed after cooked, having a taste as a the Europe nuts. Is the most calcium fruit ( 58 miligrams to 100 grams ).

The Jackfruit has a sweet flavor.