Jabuticaba Popsicle

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Name: Jabuticaba

Original from:

 October to February 

Main features: 
The jabuticaba is a small fruit, of black shell and white pulp ,and has only one seed. There is carbohydrate on the Jabuticaba pulp, and some amount of niacin ,which is a vitamin B. The shell has amounts of pectin and peonidina, besides, has pigment, anthocyanins , responsible for the blue color.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The Jabuticaba shell is riches is pectin, (fibs) helps to reduces absorption of the food. In cases of hypoglycemia and diabetes, the jabuticaba helps the glucose on blood (sugar) to getting in a normal level. The niacin found in a Jabuticaba helps the metabolism getting normal. The jabuticaba is used to make many kind of food, and medical drugs. And one of the medicinal effects is against asthma.

The Jabuticaba has a sweet flavor