Ginger Popsicle

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Name: Ginger

Original from:
Java island India, and china.

 Whole year

Main features: 
The Ginger is a plant herbaceous, Zingiberaceae familly.original from Asia, nowadays it is in all over the world. 

Utilization (benefits for human): 
Speaking as a medicinal plant, Ginger is the most old and popular plant of the world. Ginger’s therapeutics properties are substances, especially of the oil because has camphen , phellandrene, zingiberene, zingenore. The Ginger also has bacterial action, and detoxifying, also believe that has aphrodisiac action, and stimulant. Helps also with local anesthetic and expectorant. Research showed that Ginger helps to stop nauseas, because of the gingerol, has a hot flavor. It can be used in many kinds of food, salts or sweet. And consume: fresh, dry, in conserve or candied. It is not recommended change one for another in food, because it can change the flavor. the dry Ginger has a soft aroma

 The Ginger has a hot flavor