Gabiroba Popsicle

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Name: Gabiroba 

Original from:
Brazilian Cerrado

 October to February 

Main features: 
The Gabiroba can be also called as a “GUAVIRA” is a fruit prodused by the Gabiroga tree, is a thin tree that grows on the Brazilian Cerrado, has a round form, yellow-green color, with a green pulp, and has many small seeds, almost as a GUAVA.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
The Gabiroba can be consumed in natural or in juice, sweet, ice cream and liquor. The fruit has a high content of vitamin C (234 milligrams to 100 grams ), Rison why the Gabiroba is used in cases of cold. The tea of the leafs helps to release muscle pains. The shell has substances astringent that treats diarrhea, crump and with urine problems.

The Gabiroba has a soft of bitter and sweet flavor.