Chocolate Popsicle

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Name: Chocolate

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Main features: 
 Chocolate is a food, find in pasty, solid or in a sweet drinks. Made of amends of Cocoa. It can be drink with milk or tablets of chocolate. But in different ways; in milk, white, bitter, with peanut, amends, hazelnut with or without filling. But it can be found in different ways, and also different compositions.

Utilization (benefits for human):
 The Chocolate has in general a high fat content, especially the white chocolate because has cocoa butter in your composition. So it has to be consumed moderately. The chocolate most the time is consumed for pleasure, but there are some positive benefits for a human healthy. The cocoa is food riches in flavonoids, and has antioxidants beneficial for human healthy. Researchers has found new properties of the cocoa, consuming 30 grams of bitter chocolate ( 85% ) showed increased satiety, and decreased appetite. The Chocolate has two stimulants substances; the bromine and the caffeine that is known as a stimulant of the central system, and stimulant of the muscle system. The chocolate has a small portion of caffeine. There is less than 10 milligram in a bar of chocolate in milk. For example, (in a cup of coffee has 65 to 150 milligram of caffeine .The aphrodisiac properties of the chocolate have not been found yet.

has a sweet flavor