Cagaita Popsicle

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Name:  Cagaita 

Original from:
Cerrado of Brazil

August to November  

Main features:
 Cagaita is a round and flat fruit, of a yellow color, and has one to three seeds inside of the pulp of a white color. It has a high water content about 95,01%, and also acids polyunsaturated fatty

Utilization (benefits for human):
 Cagaita fruit can be consumed in natural, or as a candy, jelly, ice cream, juices , and a frozen pulp can be in the freezer for a year. But be careful with the frequency on eating it, can brings you some problem, like diarrhea. The fatty acids have an important function in our body, which is the linoleic and linolenic. These substance is the important thing, because has a structure of cell membranes as a structure of brain, retina, and of the reproductive system. When the Cagaita fruit is fermented produces vinegar and alcohols.

Cagaita has an acid flavor.