Brejauba Popsicle

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Name: Brejauba 

Original from:

November to December

Main features:
Also known as an “Ariri”, “Ariri-açu”, “Tucum-verdadeiro”,  and “Brejauba”,  The brejauba gets ripe in coast region, or humid. It is most find in Minas Gerais and from Bahia till Santa Catarina. The Brejauba tree is about 8 meters high; the stalk is covered of thin thorn. The brejauba leafs has a silver color on the under part . The fruit is round and when it gets green has a small portion of pulp , almost as a coconut. The fruit when ready to eat is purple, and the seed is edible.

Utilization (benefits for human): 
Brejauba is not a study fruit, like the others, the unripe fruit has a liquid, when drinking it, helps as a laxative  vermifuge, and helps against in cases of fungi sickness. The wood is known as a “vegetable iron”, because It is strong as a bone. And used to construction for indigenous to make bow and arrow. Still been use to make broom, hats etc.

 Brejauba has a sweet and acid flavor.