Araticum Popsicle

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Name: Araticum  


Originally from: Brazilian Cerrado


Seasonality: October to April


Main features: Araticum is a name from the word tupi , which can mean; tree fiber ,sky fruit, tasty and soft fruit. While opened , the pulp has creamy texture, and smells really strong.


Utilization (benefits for humans): The pulp can be consumed in natural, or as a cakes, cookies, popsicles, ice cream, jelly and many kinds of sweets. Research shows that Araticum has a really strong antioxidant and helps to prevent degenerative sicknesses. The Araticum is present in people’s medicines, traditional from “Chapada dos veadeiros” in Goias state. It helps to regulate menstruation and controls diarrhea.


Flavor: The Araticum has a strong flavor of their own.