Araça Popsicle

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Name: Araca


Original from: Brazil


Seasonality: November to February


Main Features: The Araca’s plant is present in every brazilian biome; Cerrado, Pampas Gaúchos, Atlântica Jungle, Pantanal e Amazônia. Fruit of the Araca tree, has a flavor that reminds the fruit GUAVA, but Araca is sweeter and more acids and of strong smell. Is a small fruit, round, with seeds, and the pulp sometimes is Orange-yellow. Has a high content of vitamin C, in general three times bigger than the citric fruits.


Utilization (benefits for humans): From Araca is make ice cream, juice, and also makes candy, that taste almost like GUAVA. The vitamin C does not stay in our organism, so it needs to be replace. The Araca in this case is really important to the immune system, prevents cold, and infection. The fruit is a natural antioxidant. The roots and Shell are used to heal diarrhea.


Flavor: Araca has a sweet and soft acid flavor.