Pumpkin with coconut

Pumpkin with coconut Popsicle

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Name: Pumpkin


Originally from: America


Seasonality: January to March


Main features: Pumpkin is a fruit from the Pumpkin vine. There are many kinds of Pumpkin with different colors, textures and other characteristics. The Pumpkin is a fruit full of vitamin A and B, also 40 kilocalories in 100 grams.


Utilization (benefits for humans): It has a high nutrition value because the Pumpkin pulp has quality in vitamin A, which is good for vision. The seeds toasted can be served as an appetizer, and makes you feel full. It also has minerals, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. The vine has flowers that are edible, and are known as “cambuquira”. It is really good in omelets. Even the Pumpkin shell has fibers and can be cooked and consumed with the pulp.


Flavor: The Pumpkin has a sweet flavor.