Natural Moment

Right Direction For Waste

The Frutos do Brasil has a policy of controlling the waste made from the Popsicle and Ice cream, also with our customers. Besides seeds donation, the shell is used as an organic fertilizer.

The company also works with partner that also cares about the environment, for example, the stick used on Popsicle is reforestation wood, also created a package less aggressive to the environment, made of polypropylene bioriented and antitoxic color. Every liter of water after used is treated, so then the hard waste won’t be throwing away on the sewer.

The Frutos do Brasil also promotes collective selection, and is the first to introduce the newspaper with no print on it, because of the ink has toxic waste. We use the newspaper to keep a long time temperature. Using the newspaper with no print on it, we preserve the environment and the human health, which is the Natural Moment of your Day.

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