Natural Moment

Brasilia and Luis Eduardo Magalhães has now Frutos do Brasil shops


The Frutos do Brasil to offer more comfort to our customer has inaugurated in October two new shops: One of them stays at the state of Bahia in a city of Luis Eduardo Magalhães, and also in the city of Brasilia. Those shops follows the new “look” of The Frutos do Brasil, which is trying offer our customers “ the Natural Moment of your day”, through the tasty and healthy popsicle and ice cream made from the Brazilian fruit.

Here is the shops address, enjoy the “Natural moment of your day”:

- - Luis Eduardo Magalhães (BA) – Parana street N° 539, Qd.55 Lt08, Center.

- - Brasília/North Asa (Df) – SHCG North , Qd. 712 , Bl. G, shop number 47.

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