VIitamin “C” on Stick

The vitamin are very important in our organism function, however, our organism cannot produce it. So it is necessary to eat food which has vitamin, so then the organism will have the necessary nutrition to promote the heath.

There is many kinds of vitamin, but the most need to our health is the vitamin C, and also known as an ascorbic acid. Its most function in our organism is:

-Healing processes;

-Protect the blood veins;

-Protect the organism infection;

-Combat the free radical;

- Helps to absorb the iron, preventing anemia;

-Works as an antioxidant, and etc.

Of many benefits for a human health, people has been utilized supplement of vitamin C, however, in a high vitamin C frequency drinking, can cause organism problems like: diarrhea, abdominal pain, nauseas, kidney and bladder dysfunctions. The malefic effect, and the most notable is the diarrhea, besides diarrhea, It can also cause gallstone for those who easily have this problem.

The Nutritionist and doctors has been recommend, to NOT drink supplements of vitamin, because the organist absorb so much more in a natural way the nutrients. The most source of vitamin C is fruits and the preparation of it like: juice, Popsicle, ice cream. Every process in food causes loss of nutrients. For example; the moment you cut any fruit, it already loss vitamin, but it doesn’t mean it loss all the vitamin.

The Frutos do Brasil products are made with selected fruits and a high nutritional quality. That is why you feel like eating the own fruit. And the nutritional value is very important to us.

Here is some fruits which has a high content of vitamin C, has 15% and 30% the needs of every day.

1- Acerola –high content of vitamin c

2- Araca - high content of vitamin c

3- Cagaita - high content of vitamin c

4- Caja-manga - high content of vitamin c

5- Gabiroba - high content of vitamin c

6- Jabuticaba - high content of vitamin c

7- Cashew - high content of vitamin c

8- Lichia - high content of vitamin c

9- Papaya - high content of vitamin c

10- Mangaba - high content of vitamin c

11- Murici - high content of vitamin c

12- Tapereba - high content of vitamin c

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