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What a hot season! Popsicle time!

The most recommendation for a human health in this case is avoid the exposure in sun from 10:00 till 16:00 o’clock and kip the organism hydrated, because our body goes in a high temperature as well, losing water and mineral salts through the sweat. The water almost participates in every reaction in our body, and here it is one reason to drink water every moment, is recommended for an adult 2 liter per day.

Not only water hydrates the organism, it’s also need minerals like: sodium, potassium, has to be replaced because of the losing as well; the sodium in a less amount; also fruit and vegetable has to be in your day as water. The popsicle made with fruits can be consume in this case, because it has; water, potassium and sodium not in a high amount. Also has glucose (sugar), which replaces energy.

Another benefit of the Popsicle is refreshment in hot days. Because gets the body temperatures down. After many benefits told here, the hot days is just about to come, do not loss the opportunity to taste the Frutos do Brasil Popsicle, and get to know the new flavors.

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