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News of the Cupuacu

The Cupuacu is a fruit original from north of Brazil, more specific from Amazonia. Cupuacu fruit is from same family as a COCOA, and its tree goes 20 meter high. Once ripe, falls down for itself, because of the amount of pulp, and it’s about 25 centimeter long.

The fruit in Natural, full of pulp, and with a typical aroma, has energy, fibs, vitamin B, B1 and B3(thiamine and niacin), after the pulp extracted , it can be frozen and transported in longs distances, and also makes; juice, liquor, candy, even ice cream and popsicle.

The shell is used as a fertilizer. Nowadays it is been used to produce gas, and reducing 80% of the diesel consume, which means produce energy without harts the nature. From the seeds can be extracted the Cupulante and Cupuacu butter. The Cupulante is known as a real “ white Chocolate”, is a similar product of the Chocolate, and has less caffeine concentration. The butter is made in an economic process, also can be put in a production of Copulante in tablets, and cosmetics industry.

Research shows that the Cupuacu oil in a sun lotion prevents skin cancer; because of these benefits, the fruit has been study. The Frutos do Brasil, in front of a riches fruit, has made its own special recipe to ice cream and Popsicle, which has a wonderful similar flavor as the fruit. Get one and taste it.

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