Frutos do Brasil, no Trans-Fat!

It’s been told about vegetal hydrogenated fat and Trans fat consequences. Since 2006 The ANVISA (national sanitary surveillance agency) forces every food industries to shows the amount of Trans fat in their products. The Ministry of Health recommends not more than 2 grams of Trans fat per day.

The vegetal hydrogenated fat is made in an industrial vegetal oil hydrogenation process, making a more consistency fat. So every product that has “vegetal hydrogenated fat” has Trans fat. The vegetal hydrogenated fat is most utilized in FAST-FOOD, restaurant, and also used in industries to get a better food texture and also gets better food life.

Here goes some examples of trans fat food; cokes, cakes, chips, sauce, butter, ice cream, popsicle, pie ,popcorn, chocolate, and every product which has hydrogenated fat. The reason of the Trans fat in a human metabolism has not been completely found. But evidences proves that the Trans fat can cause cardio problems because of the increase of LDL (bad cholesterol) and reduction of HJL (good cholesterol).

In many companies, they used to do some “techniques” to sell products with trans fat on it, saying like: “0% trans fat” or “Free of trans fat” this is impossible, but if the product sold has less than 2 grams each portion, the Ministry of health let them say 0% of trans fat on their product, so careful with any product which says: “0% of trans fat”

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