Founder's speache

I want you all to know about the MURICÍ, ARATICUM, and the ARAÇÁ! Natural flavors and fruits find in places that have not been cleared by men yet. It is the CERRADO that those fruits, our History and our inspiration comes from. We are expanding this throughout Brazil, and if GOD lets us, taking THE FRUTOS DO BRASIL to the world and our treasure and biodiversity as a Welcome card to every one. Flavors that goes beyond of a simple fruit taste, but having refreshment and joy.

We have to take care of these riches, preserving and taking it forward. And always remember that the ant, bee and the bird, also depend on the same fruit. Fruits of Brazil that we picked and chosen especially for you and for your tasting, but here offered as an ICE CREAM and POPSICLE. We hope that it can be a natural moment, like your day, very good.

Clóvis José de Almeida

Founder of the FRUTOS DO BRASIL

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