Frutos do Brasil

The Frutos do Brasil commercialize Ice cream and popsicle, has flavors of many kinds from classic to exotic with a focus on our own Brazilian fruits. Frutos do Cerrado,started in 1996 and focused on getting back the flavors of our Brazilian biome and at same time, making sure that the nature would be giving the right value through the biodiversity of natural products. The initiative was a success and the demand for the products has increased so much that we started a process of expansion fromNATIONAL to INTERNATIONAL not only with the Cerrado biome but with all of the Brazilian biome.


Promoting the riches of Brazilian biodiversity through the Frutos do Brazil products and encouraging all people, Brazilian or with another nationality, to enjoy the nature in a healthy and sustainable way.


Commitment and respect with our costumer; Clarity with our partners; Social responsibility; Responsibility for Nature.

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