Frutos do Brasil Franchise

Frutos do Brasil Franchise

Frutos do Brasil has one of the social focus, make and commercialize ice cream and popsicle using fruits from every Brazilian biome; Cerrado, Caatinga, Amazônia, Mata Atlântica, Pampas and Pantanal. There is almost 312 typical Brazilian fruit, here is some examples; Pineapple, Acaí, Cocoa, Cashew, Coconut, Guava, Jabuticaba, Passion fruit, Pequi, Cajá, and so many more. Some fruits like Banana, Orange, Apple, Papaya, strawberry are produced in Brazil but they aren’t original from here.


The appreciation and love for the natural riches of Brazil, in special for the Cerrado, made the “Frutos do Brasil” company, make a special selection of fruits to make ice cream and Popsicle. Working more than 15 years with ice cream and Popsicle, the Frutos do Brasil has now more than 57 flavors of Popsicle and 53 flavors of ice cream. Almost every product of this has an important nutrients for a regular organism working as a: vitamin B2, vitamin C, A, copper, manganese.


Nowadays, hot days than ever, The Frutos do Brasil has proportionate to our customers more objective factors as: Natural moment, refreshment and knowledge of biodiversity of our fruits. Before started to work with franchising system, the Frutos do Brasil use to work with a “Right of using the brand” system. Always looking for new things and to make our product and service better to every partner and customers, the Frutos do Brasil looked for new upgrade on the market.


In 2010 our managers went to a franchising school at the ABF, which made they think the good benefits of working with franchising system at Frutos do Brasil industry, partners and final customers. From this day on, we looked for professional of franchising area to help to create and execution of this new system model, which in March of 2011 was finished. The first shop to work with franchising system was Braasilia/DF at the Asa Norte. Having four shops working with the old system at the time. Abdicating of the old system “Right of using the brand”, the Frutos do Brasil now is proud to work with the franchising system.

Professional and personal requirement to become a Franchisee

• Financial economic situation: Good, with money resources ready to necessary investment to build and to maintenance every month of your franchise.


• Availability: personal involving, directly and every day at the franchise or/ having a good and well trained manager.


• Age/Sex: does not require on the application.


• Initiative, Dynamism, optimism.


• Leadership.



• Ethics.


• Market vision, strategy and marketing.


• Identity and feeling for this business.


• Easily talk.


• Persistence in get the objective.


• A good administrator.


• A unblemished reputation.


Cash Conversion Cycle: Shops: R$ 20,000.00 (included in total investment)

Cash Conversion Cycle: Kiosks: R$ 10,000.00 (included in total investment)

Time of money invest returning: going from 18 to 36 months.

Profitability: 15% to 35%.

Billing: variable.

Total investment Shops (80m2 or more): going from R$120.000.00 could be more; 

Total investment Kiosks (9m2): going from R$50.000.00.

The meters told right above, can be change, depend of the features of each place. Some facts like; rain, low temperature and others, the profitability, billing and time of money invest return can take a little longer to get back.

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